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The Continuing Story

If you missed the first part of the story, you can read it here.  Otherwise, let’s dig right in!

Just to remind you, we were at camp and I had just gotten moved a ton of times and ended up on a team with “The funny guy (Stephen) and his tall friend I didn’t know (Brandon).”

Because we were on the same team we literally spent the entire week together.  Our cabins did pretty much everything together, so I became very close to those two boys.  About half-way through the week, one of the kids in Brandon’s cabin looked at him and said, “I think you’re starting to like those girls too much.”  Little did that 7 or 8 year old know, he was speaking the absolute truth.  As I started to realize that I liked Brandon, he was also starting to realize that he liked me.  And apparently, everyone but us knew it.  Even the kids.  They kept trying to get us to hold hands at the pool, which is completely taboo if you are at a Church Camp, and the girls in my cabin continually talked about which boys they liked and how I needed to be with Mr Brandon.  Even though I tried my hardest to keep myself from falling for Brandon, I did.  So then I assumed it would be just like all of my other “Camp Flings.”  Oh my was I was wrong!

This time, instead of us saying goodbye and parting ways forever as I had done so many times before, social media intervened.  Don’t laugh at me, I’m being completely serious.  The Lord is perfectly able to use social medias, such as Facebook, to accomplish His will.

At the end of the week at camp, I was semi-forced to take a picture with Stephen and Brandon.  Later on that day, I made that picture my profile picture but I zoomed in so that it was only my face.  I thought, “It’s my Facebook profile and I don’t want to have to answer a million questions about why I have 2 boys in my profile picture with me.  So let’s just avoid that…”  Remember, I was the kid who went to prom by myself and did my Senior Walk Out alone (which is apparently a big deal… I guess I was the only one who didn’t have a guy to walk out with me), so having a guy in my profile picture would have caused a huge riot on my Facebook feed and I am not a fan of being the center of attention.

So what happened?  The idiot boy himself commented on my newfound profile picture and said, “Way to cut me and Stephen out!”

….. How would you react to that!?  Please remember that I am a 17 year old girl at this point and the guy I like just commented on my Facebook picture.  I may have had a mild panic attack and I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a moment, but I swiftly recovered and responded with a witty, “Fine, I’ll put y’all back in.  Would that make you happy?”

Are you cringing?  I am.  You know how you look back in life and think, “How in the world did I ever think that was a good idea?”  Yeah.  That’s me.  Right now.  About that stupid comment….

Anyways!  I changed my picture and included the two of them once more and our witty (or what I thought at the time was witty) banter continued via Facebook Chat.  I know, we’re the coolest people in the world!

Now, I’m sure you’re getting super bored with my story at this point, so I’ll wrap up this part swiftly.

As we continued to chat, Brandon told me that his phone was dying and he would rather text me instead of staying on Facebook because it was killing his battery faster than if he was only texting.  (Yeah right!)  So I told him that it would be a lot easier to do that if I had his number and so he gave it to me.  What did I do next?  The same thing any girl in my situation would do: I waited like five whole minutes before I texted him.  I know I’m pathetic, you don’t have to tell me.

So we texted that night and it was so nice to finally have a guy that was interested in me.  Who actually wanted to know what my favorite color was and what my family was like.  But that isn’t what really astonished me.  What surprised me the most was that even after I fell asleep while texting him that night (which has happened more times than I can count since that time), I got a text the next morning from him.

He was the very first guy who continued the conversation the next day.

At that moment, I knew that I was in for a crazy new world and that Brandon was going to be a part of it.  I didn’t know how long he would be a part of my life, but I knew that he held a significant place at least for that moment.  It would be a crazy life, regardless of if he had texted me that next day or not, but it made me smile to know that he was even a little interested in being a part of that crazy life with me.  Even just for a moment.  I just didn’t know how crazy it would be…

But that story is for another time.




Where It All Began

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but life has been absolutely insane.  Today, I am going to talk a little bit about something other than VEDS.  I want to tell you about another way that I am walking along “A Path Less Traveled” in my life: my relationship.  This will be the first in a series of posts because this story is a rather long one.

Let’s start at the beginning.  To set the scene, we were at church camp during the summer of 2012.  Now, if you know anything about being at a camp with high humidity, southern heat, no A/C, late night services, and a ton of games that get you hot and sweaty, then you may understand that I never actually looked presentable.  I’m not one of those girls that gets dressed up for the services at night, though I applaud the girls who do because they are better women than I will ever be.  Summer camp is also usually a place where teenagers have what I call a “Camp Fling.”  A camp fling occurs when a guy and girl decide that they kind of like each other and then proceed to flirt with each other throughout the week of camp.  It never escalates to more than just flirty comments or sitting together at meals and service, and by the end of the week, it is over.  Thus termed a camp fling.

I had been known to have a camp fling or two over the years that never lasted beyond the last day of camp.  However, that year I determined that I would focus all of my efforts on the Lord and refuse to have a camp fling.  Yes, I am completely aware that this should have been my focus from my very first year at camp, it just took me a while to get there.

So there I was, seventeen years old with a heartfelt desire to serve the Lord and forsake any camp fling that was flung my way.  I had literally spent hours in prayer during the months before camp praying that I would be completely focused on God and what He had planned for my life, rather than trying to find a boyfriend.  (That was a big deal for me to pray considering I had never had a boyfriend before and I longed for it, despite the people who said I was better off alone.)  Little did I know, the Lord had a different plan.

He allowed me to complete my week at camp without a single camp fling.  After that week, however, all bets were off.  I came back two weeks later to counsel at a camp for younger kids just like I had in the past.  That week, the Lord placed a guy named Brandon right in the palm of my hand.  Literally.  There is no other way that he would have gotten to that camp.

Brandon had never been to this camp before.  His friend Stephen called him the night before camp started and let Brandon know that his church would pay for him to go.  His dad said yes and they left the next morning for camp.

Brandon met the director of the younger camp while he was at our camp two weeks before.  No, we hadn’t actually met while we were at camp together during that first week.  Well, not unless you count me almost refusing to give a random guy (who just so happened to be Brandon) a tissue because his nose was bleeding during a game of ultimate frisbee.  Yes, I know I’m a terrible person.  The Lord dealt with me in that moment and I did end up offering him a tissue and repenting for my bad attitude.  I’m very competitive and their team was being particularly snotty during our game.  But now I’m getting off topic.

The director of the younger camp asked Brandon and his friend Stephen to come back to counsel her camp and they were only barely able to.  They came up the day the camp started rather than coming the night before, like the rest of the counselors did.  I was already set up in a cabin and had two other guy counselors on my team with me.  The following morning, however, I got moved to a new cabin which put me on a team with Brandon and Stephen, otherwise known to me as “the funny guy (Stephen) and his tall friend I don’t really know at all (Brandon)…”

But I’ll save the rest for another time.

Gentry Bass


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