A Year in Review

There are many people happy to see 2016 go and welcome in the new year.  I, however, would like to take a moment and reflect on my 2016 before 2017 begins and the new year’s clock is set back to a fresh start.

God has blessed me a great deal this past year.  He’s opened doors and slammed others.  He’s grown some friendships and loosened others.  He’s opened my eyes to some absolutely incredible things as well as some completely horrible things.  However, through each trial and over every mountain He has remained faithful and guided me along His path.

This year I was able to complete another year of working with a beautiful group of children at my church.  It is truly a blessing to be able to teach them God’s Word and show them His love.

This year I attended my first tacky prom with a date (my first date to a dance!). 

This year I wrote and directed my first Easter program at church. 

This year I got to go backpacking with my family again, which is always a wonderful escape from everyday stresses. 

This year I graduated with my bachelors of science in Speech Language Pathology.

This year I got to counsel the most amazing kids at Teen and Junior camps. 

This year I got to direct Middler camp and serve with the most phenomenal codirector and volunteers!

This year I wrote or VBS curriculum and executed it with the help of the most amazing volunteers.

This year I learned how to paint with someone taking me through each step. 

This year I got to spend time with my family at the river and relax with friends. 

This year God blessed me with a new job taking care of the most incredible young man.  I have been beyond blessed by having the opportunity to work with him.

This year I started grad school and survived my first semester of clinic at the University of Montevallo with these incredible ladies.  I wouldn’t make it without them!

This year I celebrated (yes, I mean cerebrated) one year of officially being diagnosed with VEDS. (Every year is a blessing and a gift from God.)

This year we had a princess and pirates ball and I got to be Elsa!

This year I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever at a dear friend’s wedding. 

This year I got engaged to the love of my life.  A better man than my wildest dreams (because God knew better than I did).

This year Brandon and I were able to cerebrate our four year anniversary together.  (This was the first year we’ve actually been together on our anniversary since it’s in Christmas Eve.)

With just a few blessings listed here, may the New Year bring more than my wildest dreams.

Gentry Bass


About Ginchb

My name is Gentry and I am not your average girl. I am fully aware that most people will tell you the exact same thing, and I'm glad that they do. No one should feel as though they are just another carbon copy of someone that came before them. So here's why I'm different. I was diagnosed with Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (VEDS) in September of 2015. I am also currently a Children's Ministry Director as well as a full time college student looking towards Graduate school next year to get my masters in Speech Language Pathology. I started this blog in the hopes of giving people a new outlook on life or to help people better understand life with VEDS. Now, please don't think that VEDS completely defines my life. I'm still who I was before I was diagnosed, I just have to do some things a little differently. God is still God and He is still in control, so what on this earth do I have to fear?

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